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The Multidisciplinary Applied Research Consortium for Ehlers Danlos and Associated Syndromes (or MARC-EDS)

is a group of multidisciplinary researchers who are interested in improving the lives of individuals with symptomatic hypermobile disorders.

You can learn more about our research projects, our team, what emerging research we are engaging in, and ways to contact our research team. We have also compiled resources on strategies to manage hypermobile symptoms from physicians that work with hypermobile patients often.

This is an informational website and we are not affiliated with clinics or clinical care. 

Expert Patient Blog

Our expert patient blog provides explanation of research and articles by scientific experts and disease management concepts by expert patients or patient scientists.

MARC-EDS Projects

Learn more about research and projects members of the MARC-EDS team are leading and new information from those projects.

Levitating Books


Download PDFs or access links to information and resources generated by the MARC-EDS team.

Helping Hands

How you can help

Participate in research, sign up to receive new information, or learn how you can become an expert patient and contribute to our blog.

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